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WordPress weekly digest 17th March to 23rd March 2008

It was a busy week again for WordPress 2.5, this list may look short but a lot of work was done on polishing the new admin UI, the changes were:

  • Addition of avatar support to the default and classic themes ([7360], [7361]).
  • Lots of title attributes to improve the accessibility of the Manage pages (#6082).
  • Addition sanitization of option values to add_option (#5209).
  • Addition of more tab indexes to the Post and Page creation screens to make them easier to navigate (#6352).
  • More work on the plugin updater (#5586).
  • More updates to the new media library (#5911).
  • Lots of updates to the new admin style.

For even more information on some of the other little changes that went in this week you can read the whole weekly trac timeline.