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WordPress weekly digest 4th March to 9th March 2008

This weeks digest post is only for 6 days as I seemed to have got my dates wrong on Friday when writing the last one and ended it on a Monday instead of a Sunday! It was a busy week again for WordPress 2.5, even though the list below looks short, the changes were:

  • Abstraction of the colours from the layout within the css files to allow for multiple admin themes ([7178]).
  • Improvements to add_menu_page() so as to create the correct links for top level menus in more cases (#4907).
  • Lots of work on the plugin update installer (#5586).
  • Update to TinyMCE 3.03 (#6084).
  • More updates to the new media library (#5911).
  • Lots of updates to the new admin style.

For even more information on some of the other little changes that went in this week you can read the whole weekly trac timeline, look at a complete changelog for trunk or view a diffstat of the changes.