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“Patches Welcome”

Occasionally you may have seen or heard myself or one of the other members of the core WordPress team saying “Patches Welcome” and wondered what this was all about.

Basically we are just trying to emphasise that in an open source project like WordPress, where direction is driven by the community with responsibility gained through the mechanisms of meritocracy, the best way to improve things is to write a patch.  This doesn’t have to be a patch for the PHP code it could also be a patch for the CSS or an update to the documentation on the codex or helping out people on the support forums.

On the way back from WordCamp UK last weekend I had the idea for a new site where we could collect together information around how to get involved and so I have set up a new site called “Patches Welcome” and have started writing over there too.  The aim for the site is to collect together tutorials, a question and answer list, contributor interviews and other things as the site develops.

I posted the first of the contributor interviews yesterday and have already got some questions coming in and ideas for tutorials for the coming weeks.

Please let me know if you have any ideas or questions using the contact form on the site.