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WordPress 2.5 in detail

WordPress 2.5 has been released and includes a huge number of changes over the WordPress 2.3 series. Rather than list the changes in detail which would probably take me some days to write out I offer the following statistics and information about the WordPress 2.5 release:

  • In development for 185 days (6 months 3 days to be precise).
  • Changes to 364 files with 54008 insertions, and 29136 deletions for more detail you can view the diffstat output.
  • Patches committed from over 110 different contributors.
  • Over 1300 individual changes made for more detail you can view a complete changelog.

If you want to read the more detailed blow-by-blow changes for WordPress 2.5 then I suggest you dig back through the archives on this site and read all the weekly digest posts covering WordPress 2.5.

These links should help you find them: posts tagged wordpress-2.4 and posts tagged wordpress-2.5.