Backing off Blog-by-email

On order to protect email servers from a possible denial of service attack from the blog by email feature of WordPress I have committed a change today to ensure that WordPress will not contact the mail server more that once every 5 minutes however often wp-mail.php is accessed.

Message displayed when rejecting request
Message displayed when rejecting request

The 5 minute interval, is itself, configurable using a define in your wp-config.php file it you wish to set a longer or shorter interval.

You would configure this by adding the following to the wp-config.php:

//Set the minimum interval for wp-mail blog-by-email POP3 connections to 10 minutes


This feature will be available in WordPress v2.9

9 thoughts on “Backing off Blog-by-email

  1. That would have been a great addition to the WordPress 2.8.3 update, but will be a excellent addition to WP 2.9

    Great work spotting that possibility!

    1. I take it you mean blog-by-email in general.

      If so I agree whole heartedly.

      It needs some love and would be much better as a canonical plugin to get more people involved in owning it.

      I believe there are already a number of plugins which provide a better solution as it is.

      1. Would you be up for getting in touch with a few of the top plugin authors and see if they’d be up for working together with us to create a canonical plugin?

      2. Indeed I would – I have a look around for what is out there and see what people think is best.

        We did have a talk at WordCamp UK last year from someone who was using one plugin very successfully for mob-blogging.

    2. I’ve said before, I hope that gets the blog-by-email love that has. Blog-by-email is much better for .com, so I would encourage you (both) to include some of those features whichever direction you take (and I like the canonical plugin suggestion).

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