WordPress weekly digest 24th March to 29th March 2008

It was a busy week again for WordPress 2.5, this list look short as we have been doing the final polishing on today’s WordPress 2.5 release, the changes were:

  • A fix to ensure that we preserve HTML entities in Custom Fields (#6374).
  • Pretty permalinks for taxonomies (#6357).
  • Changes to the login page redirect code to ensure that we honour redirect_to for logged in users (#6385).
  • A new filter to allow a plugin to force enable/disable the flash uploader (#6406).
  • Switch to using is_numeric() instead of ctype_digit() (#5481).
  • A change to the trackback handling code to drop trackbacks that request UTF-7 ([7559]).
  • Some updates to the new admin style.

For even more information on some of the other little changes that went in this week you can read the whole weekly trac timeline.

Now go an update to WordPress 2.5 – you know you want to!

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