WordPress 2.3.2 in detail

WordPress 2.3.2 has been released and includes a number of changes including one security fix, here is a list of most of the changes in detail:

  • Performance improvements for post sanitization when raw content is required (#5325).
  • Changes to is_admin() to ensure that it is only true for admin pages thereby protecting against exposing draft posts. (#5487).
  • Suppression of database errors unless WP_DEBUG is true (#5473).
  • Check for valid database connection information during install and display and error if the install fails due to database rights (#5495).
  • Support for a custom database down page to be displayed on database connection errors (#5500).
  • Changes to make sure we are more selective in what we make clickable, this introduces different rules for different uri types ([6450]).
  • Changes to wp-mail.php to escape the error messages when displaying them to avoid a possible XSS attack (#5484).
  • Changes to ensure that the post password is only exposed by the xmlrpc method metaWeblog.getRecentPosts to users with rights to edit a post (#5535).
  • Changes to the information exposed the wp.getAuthors xmlrpc method to reduce the information exposed and add a capabilites check (#5534).
  • Addition of extra capabilites checks to xmlrpc methods ([6504]).
  • Addition of extra capabilites checks to APP server ([6508]).
  • Changes to validate_file() to improve its traversal attempt detection when running on windows ([6521]).

For a complete list of all the changes you can read this section of the branches/2.3 log.

68 thoughts on “WordPress 2.3.2 in detail

  1. @Peter Westwood

    I started with WordPress some time ago and only recently had to manage the upgrade from 2.2.3 to 2.3.1 . Now its time for 2.3.2 and 2.4 is on the way.

    Regarding the frequency of output (and considering that I have to manage more than administering one WP installation as Webmaster) it would be really really wonderful if the update process would NOT consist of dumb copying of ALL WordPress files/directories plus standard all-purpose update instructions, as I have to do it over a FTP connection and have not always my best tool at hand (Krusader), which makes upgrading of whole directory structures often VERY annoying and time consuming.
    (Ever tried to do this job over a webFTP interface?)

    To have a direct link to a dedicated update page (from pre-release to new release) containing only the changed files and the specific(!) update process and risks in a concise way would be absolutely helpful.

    E.g. “no DB changes, only copying files in archive x.zip is sufficient” is an absolutely helpful information. Why to find it in a blog comment? Why creating the zip per hand everyone?

    Or perhaps there may be more than one standard type of upgrade processes which could be categorised and described? (So saying: Update from 2.3.1 to 2.3.2 is an update type C, description -here- , and -there- are the files needed)


  2. @Det: I understand your frustration with the suggested upgrade process. We have found in the past that the most reliable and easy to understand upgrade process for the large majority of the audience is to upload all the files each time.

    We do not have the time to provide upgrade packages from multiple previous versions or upgrade packages in multiple formats.

    However, you may be interested in the builtin upgrade functionality that is being discussed for a future version of WordPress where you would be able to upgrade from within your sites admin panel. Please follow the relevant trac ticket for more information.

  3. @Elizabeth: We have seen the categories and tags disappear too. In our case this was due to the database needing to be rebooted (contact your web host if you can’t do that yourself). In 2.3.2 the error that you’d normally see in previous versions that would clue you into this is now suppressed for security reasons.

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